Brew Your Own Beer

We offer brewing classes!

There will be three types of classes: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All classes will include an Aqueduct Brewing Growler

Beginner brewing class will be brewing basics, with a focus on how to brew a good beer at home using extract and partial mash brewing types. This class includes either one 64 ounce growler with beer or 2 half growlers when the beer is ready. $50.00 per participant with a max of 10 people per class.

Intermediate brewing class will be an all grain brewing class and recipe design. Includes either one 5 gallon keg of beer brewed (keg deposit required, unless you have your own keg) or you may bottle the beer which will yield 2 cases of beer with an extra cost of $15.00 for supplies. Cost for this class will be $100.00 per five gallon batch with a max of 5 batches per class. There is no limit of people so get some friends together and brew your own beer.

Advanced brewing will be scaling up your all grain recipe or using one of ours and brewing on the 2 Barrel system. This is the all inclusive brewing experience. The cost of the class depends on your recipe choice. Please call or come in to discuss the options for this large scale brewing opportunity.

Call to schedule your brew date!


529 Grant St Suite 106

Akron Ohio 44311